Conference Schedule

The “Religion in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains” conference will take place on Saturday, June 22, 2013, in Sturm Hall Room 253, at the University of Denver (2000 E. Asbury Avenue). The schedule will be as follows:

Religion in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains Conference

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Religious Studies Department – University of Denver – Sturm Hall 253



Conference Schedule


8:45 am: Welcome

Gregory Robbins (University of Denver), Chair

Andrea L Stanton (University of Denver), Conference Organizer

9:00-10:30: Panel I: Individualizing Religion: Studying Key Figures

Panel Chair: Nicole Willock, University of Denver

Mark A Lempke (State University of New York at Buffalo, Singapore campus). “Of Pastors, Politicians, and Peace: James Armstrong, George McGovern, and Mainline Protestant South Dakota”

Mary Jane Woodger (Brigham Young University), “The Innovations, Inspiration, and Implementations of Elaine Anderson Cannon on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sainy Organizations”

Fred Woods (Brigham Young University, Provo), “The Sail Before the Trail, or Have We Missed the Boat?”

11:00-12:30: Panel II: Addressing Difference I: Within Traditions and Within States

Panel Chair: Sandra Dixon, University of Denver

Jeremy Garber (University of Denver – Iliff School of Theology), “‘Another Way’: Modernist Artists and the Desire for Spiritual Community”

Norton Herbst (University of Denver-Iliff School of Theology), “Dispensing with Denominations in Denver: An Ecclesio-theological Analysis and Taxonomy of Non-denominationalism in Modern America”

Dennis Potter (Utah Valley University), “Mormonism and the Problem of Heterodoxy”

12:30-1:45: Lunch

Please join us for lunch: Brueggers sandwiches provided for presenters and attendees

2:00-3:30: Panel III: Addressing Difference II: Perceptions and Perspectives

Panel Chair: Alison Schofield, University of Denver

Joel Campbell (Brigham Young University), “Unforgiving Land: Understanding the Promise and Demise of Utah’s Failed Religious Colonies”

Mary L. Keller (University of Wyoming), “What Indigenous Studies Contributes to a 21st Century Theory of Religious Subjectivity”

Susanne Stadlbauer (University of Colorado, Boulder), “Creating a Local Islam: Piety, Locality, and Unity in the Discourse of Muslim Women in Colorado”

3:30-4:00: Coffee Break

Please join us for re-fueling: coffee and cookies provided for presenters and attendees

4:00-5:30: Panel IV: Too Much / Too Little Religion?

Panel Chair: Luis Leon, University of Denver

Grace Chiou (University of Denver – Iliff School of Theology), “Enacting the Sacred: The Cultural Landscape of Mile High Vineyard”

Clarence W. Davis (University of Denver – Iliff School of Theology), “Mile-High Black Church Collaboration and Contribution”

Aaron Hagler (Cornell College), “The America that I Have Seen: Sayyid Qutb and Islamism’s Colorado Origins”

7:00-8:30: Keynote

Introducer: Carl Raschke, University of Denver

Bonnie Clark, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Denver, “Follow the Request of the Stone: Spirituality and Gardening in Internment Camps



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